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Introducing Encore Mechanicals’ VRF Command Center

Experience a new level of reliability and comfort over your commercial indoor climate!

When the Encore Mechanical VRF Command Center (VCC) is connected to your HVAC equipment our technicians are able to monitor, manage, maintain, and troubleshoot your system to the highest effectiveness and reliability.

Our cloud-based solution monitors where and when energy is being used. System problem and failure alerts are sent to Encore’s Command Center. From there, Encore will start troubleshooting remotely. If it’s necessary to dispatch a technician to your VCC-connected property, our technicians will have a more targeted strategy to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

The VCC remote service and diagnostic tools maximize the information available in analyzing on-site equipment performance. Our technicians will fine-tune issues while still at the office, and sometimes even resolve it without stepping foot on the rooftop. This means a shorter turnaround on getting your VRF system back to top performance.

No matter what VRF manufacturer or the number of years your system has been installed, our VCC is a game changer in ongoing VRF performance!

Curious to find out more? Please call us at 817-416-2881.

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Why you should choose VRT for your commercial HVAC needs.

Having spent the last 15 years focusing on installing and servicing VRF equipment, you could say we are partial. We would say that we are fully invested in the value that VRF systems provide our customers. 

Here are our 5 top reasons why we recommend VRF:

#1 Design flexibility – VRF refrigerant lines are small and with the multitude of indoor units make getting what you want and need simple.

#2 Energy Efficiency – VRF systems are designed to be most efficient during the greater range of demand.

#3 All electric heat pump – No fossil fuels, water, heat strips, or gas pipes or flues.

#4 Low operation noise – quiet at just 55 decibels.

#5 Comfort – Different zones are simultaneously supplied with varying degrees of heating and cooling.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 817-416-2881 with any questions you have on the benefits of VRF!

Encore Mechanical – VRF Without Compromise!

Learn more about Encore Mechanical’s dedication to Variable Refrigerant Technologies.

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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring An Experienced VRF Provider

Anyone can purchase, install, and service VRF equipment. However, just because they can doesn’t mean they should. Leaving the intricacies of VRF up to just anyone will likely result in a wide variety of problems.

Are you confident in the capability of the VRF service provider you’ve hired?

Below are 10 questions to ask when hiring an experienced VRF Provider.

  • #1: Do you have tools such as hoses and manifold sets that are dedicated to the type of refrigerant oil shipped within the equipment?
    Answer: Yes. Cross contamination by different oils in VRF system can lead to problems.
  • #2: What type of wire is required for VRF controls?
    Answer: it varies by manufacturer and is typically 16 or 18 gauge, 2-conductor, stranded, and one manufacturer require non-shielded while the others require shielded wire.
  • #3 What pressure do you run for testing?
    Answer: most manufacturers recommend 550 psi, Mitsubishi recommends 600 psi.
  • #4 How long do your run pressure testing?
    Answer: Most manufacturers require a minimum of 24 hour positive pressure test, however if ambient temperatures the pressure will too and therefore may require several days to verify no leaks.
  • #5 Why do you pull a vacuum on a system?
    Answer: to remove moisture and verify no leaks.
  • #6 What measure of vacuum needs to be pulled and for how long?
    Answer: lower than 500 microns and manufacturers vary on vacuum tests requirements, some say they should hold for 1-hour, others require 24 hours.
  • #7 Some manufacturers recommend setting the system into forced evacuation during vacuuming; why?
    Answer: Forced evacuation opens all the electronic valves in the system to make sure your pulling a vacuum on the entire piping network.
  • #8 How far away should an elbow be from an indoor unit connection?
    Answer: most manufacturers recommend 16 to 20”
  • #9 What should you use to purge atmospheric air from the refrigerant piping when brazing joints?
    Answer: Dry nitrogen
  • #10 How are extended warranties awarded on new installations?
    Answer: it varies by manufacturers and while some offer 10-year parts & 10-years compressor standard warranties without documentation, others require a very specific lists of items and run time to extend their warranties from 1-year parts & 7-years compressor to 10-year parts & 10-year compressors.

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